Potentials is a full service clinic where therapy is fun, safe and effective.

Our mission is to help each child in our care joyfully gain life-long learning skills. We want to stretch the boundaries of expectations and guide children and families towards a more positive, and

"I am very impressed with Parul's approach and dedication on the Potential Team. In a months time I have seen improvement in my child's play skill and language usage. I just wish I had started potential much earlier!"

- a parent, Potentials

"I am very much impressed with Namita mam. My son is enjoying so much in her presence. And he will definitely improve with her."

- a parent, Little Wonders Integration Project

"Proud parents of Aadi, now 12, whom Parul and her team have helped achieve his potentials.  We were lucky to meet Parul soon after his autism diagnosis, and today he is in class VII in an integrated school apart from honing up his art. Parul and her team are

- a Parent, Potentials

Elements of attention:

To orient towards stimulus

To sustain attention to a stimulus for long periods

To shift attention from one stimulus to another, that is to dis engage attention from one object in order to engage another

To broaden attention focus

- Taken from " key learning skills for chuldren with autism spectrum disorders" By Whitman and DeWitt